LGL Mod Menu APK (Unlimited money)


Additional Information

App NameLGL Mod Menu APK
PublisherLGL Modz
Latest VersionV3.2
MOD InfoUnlocks Skins, Maps, and menus
UpdateJan 18, 2024

Attention all free-fire players!!! Are you looking for a mod application to help you excel in the game? Cheer up because we have a beneficial app for you called the LGL Mod Menu. This app will help you enjoy all the features of free-fire gaming which the original game has restricted. It will build bridges to endless opportunities. It offers cost-free access to premium features, new and helpful mod menus, and a lot of exciting other aspects to take your free-fire gaming experience to new heights. You can upgrade your rank and get on top of the list within a short period, also with similar feature check DTP Modz APK.

Get ready to unlock unlimited diamonds, epic FF skins, weapons, hacks, and many more. All these items will be available to you free of cost. Also, a drone view facility. By enabling it you can get an aerial and HD view of the whole warfare. And can get aware of your opponent’s moments. It has ESP, Aimbot, and Aim lock menus. It contains unique battle effects. You can use them during a battle when you face difficulty. Also, the ghost mode will help you vanish anytime during the fight and confuse your enemies.

Review About LGL Mod Menu APK

It is a lightweight app with easy processing. You can download it easily also its use is as easy as ABC. It is safe and secure, free from bugs and errors, and also free from unwanted ads. So, you will get a pleasing and non-disturbing gaming experience while using this application.  Plus, it has a flexible customization menu and themes. You can set them according to your preference.

Free-fire is a popular game. Most of the players are struggling to ace the game. They make in-game purchases to buy the items and spend a lot of energy and time on the game to uplift their rank. But you will get everything for free and effortlessly by downloading this free-of-cost application. It requires no new registration or password and it will run efficiently on your device.

What is LGL Mod Menu APK?

The LGL Mod Menu is a unique mod for free-fire gaming. It has features and viabilities that are essential to upgrade rank in the game. It is safe and secure also, it has no ads. You will not have to waste your time watching unwanted ads during the game. It works efficiently on all Android devices. It does not require new passwords or registrations. You can download it for free by following simple steps. Also, it is easy to use. You will not need to learn new methods to operate it.

Moreover, all the iconic weapons, and skins. Maps and characters will be available to you. You don’t need to spend money on them. Also, the unique mode menus and battle effects will help you to get an upper hand in the game. You will boost your rank and become the top player among all other players. You can access unlimited coins and diamonds and boost your in-game currency.

LGL Mod menu will supply you with significant tricks and tips to ace the game and beat your enemies like a pro player. It will keep you hooked up with the game by offering attractive graphics. It is a recommended application. Download it for ranking among top players easily.

Exciting features of LGL Mod Menu APK:

This application consists of exciting and thrilling features. You will need these features to beat your enemies and win a battle. Free-fire is not easy to play. It requires good skills to win a single battle. But with the help of this application, you can become a warlord effortlessly. Some of the features are discussed below:

ESPs Menu:

This menu helps you to trace your enemy’s crucial information. You will be able to preplan a war and win it easily. By already knowing about your enemy.

Aimbot Menu:

This menu helps you to sharpen your targeting skills. You can make your shots accurate. No enemy will be able to escape your bullet.

Epic FF Skins:

All the premium skins will be available to you free of cost. You will no longer have to spend your money on them.

Ghost mode:

This mode helps you to make your avatar disappear anytime during the battle. You can create a baffling situation for your enemies and win the game.

Other Features:

  • Aim lock feature
  • Auto headshots
  • Drone view
  • High speed and high jump
  • Free of-cost application
  • Easy to use
  • Unlocks diamonds
  • Safe and secure
  • No new password or registration required
  • Free from ads
  • Unlocks maps
  • Unlocks emotes
  • Attractive customization and themes
  • Latest and most powerful weapons
  • Boosts your rank
  • Amazing hacks
  • Compact in size
  • Unique battle effects
  • Free from bugs and errors
  • And many more.

How to Install LGL Mod Menu APK on your Android device?

  • Firstly, click the link to download the app.
  • Secondly, allow all the known sources to reach the device.
  • Thirdly, start the installation by clicking on the downloaded file.
  • After that wait a few minutes.
  • Finally, the LGL Modz is now functional so enjoy.


LGL Mod menu is free for Android.

No, LGL Modz has no registration or signup process.

Yes, it is free.

Yes, it is safe and secure.


MLBB arena is very popular nowadays. It has attracted huge public. Lots of players have money and are pro players so they can win the game easily and enjoy its premium features. But this app will help all those desperate players who can’t access these luxuries. It will unlock every premium feature for free and will provide your avatar extra strengths to win the battle effortlessly. It is free to download and also small in size. You won’t face any issue while using this app.

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