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Are you a ML game player and do you want improve your gaming status and rank among all the players than you have came to the perfect site here we will be introducing to you AMHOH Modz APK a thrilling Moba application which is filled with enjoyable and gripping levels. The Amhoh modz Ml APK is modified version of official game. It has been designed with such features which will upgrade your gaming performance as compared to original one, it offers features like Aimbot, Esp Menu and offer key effects which play a vital role in making the game better while using this application you will be able to ambush your opponent strategically.

Morever, amhoh modz opens the doors to all prime features and a lot more functionalities with easy steps. It authorize you to increase your rank with its help you can easily take over your rivals in battlefield in addition to it, it also permits you to have command all over the battle field. The amhoh gives its users an exhilarating experience while playing the game by providing them various scheme and methodologies on how to gun down your enemies and get the victory.

App NameAmhoh Modz ML
Latest Versionv2.3
Apk Size3.0MB
Licence Free

The amhoh is a tool made to function automatically, it alerts you by giving you information about your foe’s health, name etc. It is a transformative tool it has the ability to boost your gaming status. It enables you to defeat your enemies effortlessly by giving you incredible vitality and reliance. Now, you won’t get bored because of stucking somewhere while playing, this versatile app will bring ease to you in every step.

Furthermore, this app is easily accessible to all android phones, you will able to enjoy all these exciting features and gain profit from this app free of cost. It will charge you nothing but ensure you full satisfaction also being an anti-ban tool it won’t ban your account.

What is Amhoh Modz APK?

Amhoh mod is an influential and flexible modified version of official game specifically made for ML games, with the assistance of this extraordinary application you will be able to unbolt ample amount of thrilling and fruitful features which will raise your gaming profile to higher positions among your enemies, with no extra efforts. Its gives you the access to unlock unlimited diamonds and coins to earns in game money. Its other profounding qualities include character customization upgraded defense system, you can get any object effortlessly. Its non-recoil features permits your every shoot to be counted.

Amhoh is a magnificent application it satisfies every wish if a gamer maintaining high gaming profile is very crucial for a gamer and amhoh is specially designed for those who want gain fame in gaming. It ensures that your every shoot hits the bull’s eye. It gives a superior precision and accuracy to your bullets. It intentions of your gaming rival so that you could trounce them during battle without any hinderace.

Moreover, amhoh is a latest application which is secure and convenient once you download it than you will never regret because it’s splendid features will make you fall for it.

Features of Amhoh Modz APK:

To secure your highest rank and to make sure you enjoy the game to the fullest amhoh is designed with enticing features some are described below:

Ease in Usage:

Amhoh mod is very simple to handle you won’t have to struggle learning new techniques to use it. It will provide you ease in every step.

Rank uplifter:

It normally takes lot of efforts of gamers to boost their rank in games. If you are a player than you surely know the struggle and need of high rank in a game this amazing application will help you boost your rank easily by giving you tips and tricks.

Free of cost:

Probably all great apps like these which offer such features are quite expensive but, Amhoh stand out of all these apps by providing free service. It attracts many users by being cost-free


The game become more fun when you kill your target without missing it is a moment of jubilation for player when he makes a headshot or shoots the enemy without any inaccuracy. So, if you want get this joy and don’t want miss out any target this application will help you to spot your opponent and makes your shoots errorless.

Unlock Ml skin:

Amhoh will gives you the opportunity to unlock your desired hero’s skins without paying.

Aerial view:

The official game may be unable to provide you the aerial view of the whole battle field but you can enjoy the drone view of whole warfare while using this app.

ESp Menu:

One of the amhoh mod’s best features is esp menu. it gives you the whole information about your opponent so that you could prepare yourself accordingly it will notify you about your enemies name their locations. It will also inform you about rivals energy level and their defense system, then it will also prepare you to face the enemy with full strength by giving you useful instructions.

Access all valuable items:

Amhoh will give you access to unlock all costly items which you were unable to do in the official game.


Amhoh being an anti-ban tool will not restrict your account

75% damage:

While utilizing this application you will be able to give upto 75% damage to your enemies in one attack. It will later on to be easy for you to take over them.

Helper Menu:

Amhoh’s helper menu will provide you various skills and basic attacks to use while playing.

How to install Amhoh Modz ML APK?

  • First provide access to install apps from unkown sources.
  • Then download the Amhoh Modz ML Apk from the above downlooad links.
  • Now open the downloaded Apk file from your Download Folder.
  • Install the Amhoh Modz ML Apk on your Android device.
  • Click on your desired icon and enjoy your game.

Pros And cons of Amhoh Modz ML APK


  • simple and user friendly
  • Good customer support
  • Free of cost
  • No bugs
  • Run smoothly in every device


  • Take a considerable time exporting sound files.
  • Audio connector late connect.

yes Amhoh is a very good and better choice for the users who is loving to beat the rivals in every game with its loving and unique features.

Amhoh Modz ML is not officially available on PC. However, you can use an emulator to obtain Amhoh Modz ML on Mac and Windows computers.

yes of course its totally free for any androids devices.

No, it free of viruses and bugs. Developer make it fast reaiable and great security system without harm any androids device.


Amhoh modz is an impressive android application made to empower your gaming skills and to give you control over the warfare of the Ml games. It will give you the chance to transfigure your whole gaming experience by offering you superb features like ESP menu, Aimbot, costless, Headshots, unlimited coins and diamonds, aerial view and a plenty more. It will give you dominance in every battle. Now get set for unlocking mesmerizing opportunities, uplifting your position to highest level among all others and seize the whole battle ground by just download this wonderful application.

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